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Chairman’s Message

My fellow Goyang citizens! We will make Goyang City Council that prioritizes close communication with citizens.

This is the chairman of Goyang City Council, LEE YUN SEUNG.

We sincerely welcome citizens visiting our Goyang City Council homepage, the place of online communication that represents the will of Goyang citizens.

Goyang City Council always aims for an advanced council that is open to citizens and is listening to various opinions, reprimand and recommendations from citizens.

We will keep lowering the threshold of the council and improve the system so that citizens can freely visit and express opinions.

Your participation will be a huge help in planning the bright future of Goyang-si. We will actively reflect your opinions into the council activities.

In addition, our Goyang City Council will disclose and share immense and diverse information and news on council activities with citizens.

The 8thGoyang City Council promises to cooperate rather than compete for the sake of citizens. We ask for your keen interests and support.

Thank you!

Chairman of the Goyang City Council, LEE YUN SEUNG

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