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Chairman’s Message

My fellow Goyang citizens! We will take the lead in following the path led by citizens’ voices.

The seventh Goyang City Council was launched to realize the hopes and dreams of one million Goyang citizens.

Above all, I would like to express my gratitude to you all for your trust and support for me as the new chairman of the Goyang City Council, especially in this important moment when Goyang takes its first steps as a metropolitan city with a population of over one million.

Your support and feedback are the driving force behind the growth of Goyang City government and we look forward to your continued interest and active participation in the diverse activities of the 7th Goyang City Council. We will ensure the prosperity of the city and promotion of citizens’ welfare as our top priority.

We reach out to people from all generations and all walks of life and merge their ideas and opinions into one harmonious whole. With the harmony and unity as the basis, we will take the lead in shaping Goyang city into an advanced and sustainable government.

We had experienced several tragic accidents recently, such as the Sewol ferry disaster and the fire at Goyang Bus Terminal. There is nothing that comes before human life. We take our responsibility seriously as citizen representatives. We will start with the lessons we have learned from our mistakes and devote ourselves to building a Goyang City system with human life and safety in mind - always first and foremost.

In addition, we will serve as the solid partner of the 6th city government, which was launched, along with the 7th City Council. At the same time, we will fulfill our watchdog duties and keep the city government on the right track by suggesting constructive alternatives.

My fellow Goyang citizens!

We will take the lead in following the path led by citizens’ voices. We look forward to receiving your guidance and support.

We wish you and your family all the best for happiness and good health!
Thank you!

Chairman of the Goyang City Council, So, Young Whan

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