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Chairman's Profile

My fellow Goyang citizens! We will take the lead in following the path led by citizens' voices.

  • Electoral DistrictElectoral District Ta
  • Political PartyThe Minjoo Party
  • Contact
    • Office: 031-8075-3900
    • Email Address:
    • Address: 10, Goyangsicheong-ro, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Education and Experience
  • Graduated Suncheon Woman's High School
  • Graduated Ewha Women's University
  • Currently studying administration at the Department of Administration at Dongguk University
  • (former) Representative member The Minjoo Party Goyang City Council
  • (former) Vice-chair of Goyang-si Self-Government and Decentralization Conference
  • (former) Director of Hansoo Middle School Steering Committee
  • (former) Female Director of The Minjoo Party, Gyeonggi-do branch
  • (currently) Member of The Minjoo Party National Female Conference Steering Committee
  • (currently) Policy advisory consultant at Goyang Female ink
  • (currently) Local committee member of Hansoo Middle School
  • (currently) Chairman of the first-term of the 8th Goyang City Council

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