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The Goyang City Council is housed on the 2nd to 5th floors of the New Wing to the left of Goyang City Hall.

  • Legislature Team : 031-8075-3861~5
  • Proceedings Team : 031-8075-3867~76
  • Council PR Team : 031-8075-3880~4
fax : 031-8075-4959

Floor plans

  • 2nd Floor : Plenary Chamber, Chairman’s Office, Vice-Chairman’s Office, Councilors’ Offices, Council Secretary General Office, Studio, Stenographers Office
  • 3rd Floor : Council Steering Committee, Planning and Administration Committee, Environment and Economy Committee, Construction and Transportation Committee, Culture and Welfare Committee
  • 4th Floor : Video Conference Room
  • 5th Floor : Councilors’ Offices, Legislative Affairs Office

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